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Due to the rapid development of Nan-zih area, a senior high school is urgently needed for the local junior high graduates, which brings about
  the foundation of Nanzih Senior High School. To work with the localization of the senior high schools, Nanzih Senior High School facilitates the nearby students for further studies and also keeps the balance between the different orientations of education in other senior high schools. To fill the need of the modern society, Nanzih  Senior High School develops as a senior high school that contains both general and vocational education. It is different from the pure general senior high schools and vocational high schools. In the first year of Nanzih Senior High School, students will not be divided into groups of general or vocational education; they will be going through the time of integration and exploration. When they are in the second and third year, the school will help the students to choose their future courses and arrange the proper programs for their choices. Different professional areas will need varied lessons of specialized subjects. The school will offer the materials for students to learn according to their interests.

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